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Res firma mitescere nescit.

(A firm resolve does not know how to weaken... American Flyer) 



Well. It's still here and so are we.



The new name for the

"No Swag Time Trials" is now...

The "Ron Crosby just keep moving Time Trials".


2023 time trial dates are...


June 3 @ 10AM


The fall time trial date will be posted soon.



The time trial protocols are as follows;

... USA Triathlon Drafting rules will be in effect. 3 bike lengths apart and once you enter the draft zone you must complete your pass. Otherwise you're cheating in more ways than drafting.

... Draft Zone. I could ride my Moto and check like I do at a sanctioned triathlon. I'm not going to do that. This is a FUN event. There comes a point where a person should respect themselves and others.

... Awards. The overall male and female winners may grab their prize from the box.

So a time trial is a social distance event anyway. We just need to be careful about using good hygiene before and after the race. Corona 19 whatever is still among us.


Mark Sams is the new SMS No Swag 22K Time Trial record holder with a time of :34:50! 9/7/2019

Thats 22.9 mph for just under 14 miles. Smokin!

(Daniel Gruszka was the male 22K

No Swag time trial record holder.

:38:08 for 21.1 mph on 6/2/2018.)

Tammy Griffin Hassenpflug is the female 22K

No Swag time trial record holder!

:39:57 on 10/28/2017

You think you're faster?

Come out and prove it and

set a new course record! And if you do,

your next Time Trial entry is free so

you can defend your record.

The original 15K Time Trial course record was set by Jamie Bowen, 7/7/2013 with a time of :22:27.


 The Smith Multisport 2023 "No Swag" 22K Time Trial results are posted!

(scroll down)



Lions Camp for the Blind
5626 Laura Walker Rd
Waycross, Ga 31503

You can now register online via Bike Signup.

Here's the Bike Signup site link...

The race site is the Lions Camp For the Blind! It is on the Laura Walker Park Road. It is the same course as the 22K (13.7 mile) bike course of the

Splash, Mash and Dash Triathlon Duathlon.

The Time Trials are sponsored by the

Fellowship of Christian Athletes and hosted by

the Lions Camp for the Blind.

since June 9th, 2018.


Smith Multisport has

Time Trial sponsors!

1/3 of the race fee goes to each organization.

...The Lions Camp for the Blind

...The Okefenokee Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Okefenokee FCA

Image result for lions camp for the blind logos


Hey Triathletes. If you haven't already, it's time to get out of your road bike bubble and broaden your bike horizons. And off road cycling will improve your bike handling skills too. Check out "Mountain Biking" or "Gravel Biking" events. Do a search and you would be surprised at how many are out there. And IMHO, you do not need a "gravel" bike to do a gravel bike event. If you have a decent Mountain Bike it will do just fine if not better with the fatter tires. And if needed, you can add a seat post rack or a couple more bottle cages. It's what I do and it's works great. If you need assistance, I'm here for you as a bike tech too. Look over my Quads of Fire bike tech page on this site. 


A day in SMS history...

IronMan 70.3 Hawaii aka Ironman Honu

Epic day on the Kona Coast and the IM Honu.

June 2, 2012. It is on the famously

difficult end of the IronMan Hawaii World Championship bike course. The winds

can be more difficult there too.


raced to my fitness on a beautiful but difficult course under more difficult than normal conditions. My training for this course was close to my full Ironman training. I needed every minute of it. I finished.

And now I know how to help you finish it too.


Lo aloha la ea (Keep your love) 


 "Eat to train.... don't train to eat"

Bob Sebohar

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